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The Mysterious island - 12

Both john and deep move on after dealing with the snake on the other side sonali and arnav are also moving slowly. They are walking with paying full attention to their surroundings.
"How far east we have to go? Why didn't the glowing tree show up yet?" Sonali says.
"Don't get irritated, we will reach there soon." Arnav says
"This place looks so spooky and I don't like such places." Says sonali
"Yes you are right this place is absolutely spooky." Says arnav
"I never wanted to come here, but i was insisted to come to this damn treasure hunt and now i am stuck here; in a place that I don't even know." Says sonali
"Don't worry everything will be fine and ok once we reach to our destination and complete the task successfully." Arnav says
"I don't know where would i go after this is over, since i have lost what was precious to me." Says sonali
"Well don't worry everything will be fine." Says arnav
"Hope so" says sonali
Arnav is looking at sonali but sonali is looking downward, suddenly they stopped walking and begin to look around. None of them find nothing and still ask one another to look for the thing.
"I felt as if something passed by me and touched my face " says sonali
"I felt the same." Says arnav
"What should we do?" Says sonali in anxious way.
"Don't panic dear, just move on. None of us know what was that but we can't stop." Says arnav
Sonali agrees to his decision and keep on moving until sonali asks to wait and have some rest for a while, since she is a girl, she needs rest. So both of them sits down under a tree.
"Please give me some fruits to eat." Says sonali
"Here!" Says arnav
"This place is dark and so dense also the silence is terrifying. I pray that others are safe." Says sonali
"Wish we all see eachother soon." Says arnav
"I want everything to become normal as before, obviously not everything can become as perfect as before but i want the normal lifestyle back." Says sonali
"Yes, we had never expected that this journey would extand to this extant. Now we all are regretting for the decision that we made." Says arnav
"God help us." Sonali prays
"God will, well if you wanna have some rest then you can. I will be awake to guard you." Says arnav
"Thank you arnav, actually i also wanted to have a nap." Says sonali
"Don't worry i am here, you freely slpeed." Says arnav
So she sleeps and arnav eats some fruits and suddenly his eys slips to the sleeping sonali. She is looking gorgeous sleeping. He adores her beauty.
"You are very beautiful, wish i could love you." Says arnav to himself.
Sometimes later she shakes her body and wakes up anxiously, she is panting and hugs arnav and begins to cry.
"What happened? Have you seen something wrong?" Asks arnav
"It was so horrifying and daunting like a satan and some demon. So dark power." Says sonali
"Still it was a dream right, a bad dream, a nightmare. Nothing else." Says arnav
"I felt as if it was real and not a dream." Says sonali
"Don't worry everything thing is all right you won't be hurt." Says arnav
"I can feel that something worse is coming our way." Says sonali
"Nothing bad is coming just relax and don't think about that nightmare and if you fine now then shall we move on, since we are already getting late." Says arnav
" Yes i am fine we should move on, i am ready."
So from there on they move further in search of the glowing tree.
To be continued.....

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