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The Mysterious island - 17

With the break of the new dawn rohit wakes up and wakes up others too. its time to go fellas, enough seeing dreams now return to the reality says rohit to everybody sleeping there.
Hearing his voice aman and others wake up from their slumber. oh I was seeing a beautiful and romantic dream. Rohit you are such a menace. Says arnav.
Everybody asks you were watching what?
oohh I was watching what you all heared? says arnav.
Who was that unlucky, you were with in your dream? asks deep.
A beautiful girl with long hair, full valour and courage. I was so happy with her. Says arnav.
dont worry we will find you a real one as soon as we get out of this hell. Says aman
you need not to worry about me since I already have someone in my life. Says arnav
In your life? Really? says aman
While the conversation was going on john intercepts and says to get ready for the journey. we can talk about this matter later but now moving on is important. We need to start our journey says john.
yes we need to move now. So friends get ready we will leave for our expedition in about 10 minutes. Says rohit.
Everybody agrees and begin their preparations. 10 minutes later everybody gathers in the room and john gives a speech before leaving. fellow friends, it is the most important part of our journey and we have to get this done in order to see the world we belong to. We have to give all four sons in order to make her happy. Now we all know that we are going to come across dangerous things as we faced before and we will face all the monsters with courage to defeat them. We have defeated them before and will defeat them again. Now shell we start our journey to west part of this island. Says john.
everybody agrees to him and begins their journey further, while walking john asks to arnav what was the dream about bro? I couldnt listen your conversation properly in the morning time.
Deep says, I think he is in love with some dream girl. He looked irritated when he was woken up by rohit. Werent you bro
yes usually he never gets irritated but this morning he was on another level. Says rohit.
oh why do you tease him so much? he is such a nice guy. Says sonali.
aaahhmmm, yes if you say so. Rohit says.
Everybody smiles while looking at eachothers face except arnav. But arnav wanted to say something when suddenly they felt something around them which prevents arnav from saying a word about the matter. Now that sound has become the centre of attraction.
All of them begin to look around to find the source of the sound rohit and arnav looks up and just then gush of a wind knocks each and every one of them down. Sonali goes flying and falls down by colliding against a tree. She could hardly move when but somehow she is able to move her head and by doing so she gets the first chance to see the ultimate threat.
There she sees a thing that is black in colour and has scaly skin almost 10 foot in size long ears and it was so agile and quick that no body could see it when it moves but this time it was standing in front of all of them and looking at them.
Who are you what are you doing here? says the strange man
We are here to revive the dead children of HARINI and to get rid of this place all of them say in unison.
give me a reason to believe you. Says the strange man
“we have what is needed to revive says aman
who are you and what do you want from us? asks rohit
I am the shadow and I am here to help you so dont afraid of me. Says the shadow
but why do you want to help us? asks sonali
well it is story to be told, a story from the time when this place became hell says the shadow
what story? asks arnav
this story started when the war was over and harini the goddess and protector of this place was so grief-stricken that decided to devour everything all her creation everything that she had ever made says the shadow
then what happens?asks rohit
I was just a child at that time and was unaware of the outcome of the war so before she turned herself into a stone she had helped me by giving me some supernatural powers so I could protect myself and this place from any sort of dangers.
Well she gave me powers for I was attacked by some men who were savages and wanted to capture me but HARINI sensed me being in danger, I dont how but she did come for me maybe she wanted to do some good before turning into a statue. She helped me by killing all of them and gave me powers, told me to stay here until she returns.
She also made this prophecy that some men from another world would come here who would turn this into the place it was before. I think you are those prophecy men who has come here to revive this place.”
dont know but can you take us to the place where the goddess is located? Asks aman
why not come with me. Says the shadow

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