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The Mysterious island - 18

The place you wished for is right in front of you says the shadow. Everything is so dark that it is very hard to see anything still since the shadow knows the place well he is the only person who could find and recognise the place properly.
The place is covered with trees and bushes. The temple is also dark from inside that no light could reflect.
but where is it? asks aman
dont worry come with me, I will take you in. says the shadow
Everybody follows his words and start following him soon the shadow blows air with his mouth which removes the cover of leaves from the mouth of the temple.
I know noting is visible, so lets light up the place. Says the shadow, and with being said he snaps his finger, from which some kind of magical light goes to the direction of the temple which lights up the place.
Seeing this sonali gets excited and asks how did you do it? It is awesome.
Listening to her the shadow smirks and asks them to move on.
come in now, we have to finish the work says the shadow.
yes come on guys lets get in now. Says arnav
Everybody gets into the temple and in the temple everything looks beautiful, piles of gold is there too. By seeing all that treasure they become excited which is noticed by the shadow who later alarms them to focus on the work they have gone there for.
now that we have reached at the destination we should quickly do what is necessary says the shadow.
ya, we are going to do the same. Lets do it guys. Says aman
wish I could have it all. Says arnav.
you should control your lust for more. Your priority should be to gain your freedom because that will be your ultimate wealth. Says the shadow.
I totally support your point. We are going to put all the remnants at their places. So we could get our reward. Says rohit
With being said rohit asks the shadow about the place where all the remnants are supposed to be placed.
He points to the statue of the goddess harini and says to put the remnants into the bowls that are located right down at here legs a little distance away.
So all five of them follow the instructions of the shadow and go near harini find the bowls and put the remnants.
No sooner do they finish this ritual, a bright light begin to come out of all the four bowls. Nothing could be seen due to the brightness of the light. But as the light fades away four handsome princes come into existence who are tall handsome, long hair, a glam could be seen on their faces which is enough for a young girl to fall in love with them.
Soon as they come into being they begin to perform a ritual, they dont even pay any attention to the persons who had brought them back into that world again.
They chant some kind of mantra for which a bright and magical light illuminates the place. All four sons fly around their mother harini and continue to chant the same mantra. Few minutes later wind begins to blow everything that fall under the range of that begin to fly.
Aman, deep, rohit, aman, john and sonali somehow able to cling to creepers hanging there while the shadow is hovering around and telling all of them to stay calm.
A few minute later wind calms down and out of the mist all four sons of harini can be seen clearly. In the middle of all four sons there is a beautiful lady who has long silky and shining hair with fair face colour a glow in here could be seen easily.
She comes in front and smiles.
To be continues..

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