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The Mysterious island - 24

I am ready mother, and here I go. Says harinis transformed son

He flies into the sky and he finds agnisharp in a red looking planet from where two suns can be seen.
He lands on the surface of the planet where he finds his brother manjari in a bad condition. He looked as if he was about to die.
You have to pay for this. Says transformed son of harini while looking at his brother.
Well whoever you are you aint gonna live long but first let me finish my job then I will take care of you. Says agnisharp(he moves forward to cut of manjaris head)

But harinis transformed son grabs agnisharps hand with one blow he cuts off his hand then grabs his head and slams into the ground impact of which makes a deep hole in the ground.
As a defence agnisharp his him with his tail to fling him away but this attempt is not enough to make him fall down on the ground on a contrast he begins to fly and throws a kind of black coloured fire ball which burns agnisharp.

Agnisharp tries to fight back but power of kalagni manipulated the environment which darkens the place then he throws lightening at agnisharp.
Now agnisharp is bleeding and pleading for mercy but that form of harinis son was so furious that agnishap looked helpless in front of him.

Just as he was going to hit the last blow harini appears and stopped her son to kill him and said to let him go, said he has got what he deserved and she will send him to a place from where he will never return.

She utters a magical chant and a magical door opens and she sends him on the other side of the door.
Come sons, come with lets go back to our place. Says harini
Her sons follow her and after reaching to the surface harini with her magic separated all her sons from that form.
By this way they finally got their land and they again made that barren land a living paradise.
On the other hand rohit and all his friends also got to go to their world with plenty of wealth.
At the end everybody became happy.
Rohit:- hell, it was an extraordinary journey of my life.
John:- yes indeed, but i am still in amazement and wondering how we made it through?
Sonali:- john, we were able to do it because we never gave up on our faith and believes.
Arnav:- and whenever one felt down the other one was always ready to handle the situation and inspire.
Deep:- well at the end we are here on out terf and we can do whatever we want to.
Aman:- absolutely, we can do whatever we want since we have blessings of harini nobody is going to stop us from doing anything.
From there everybody bids good by to everyone and wish luck to eachother for better future.
The end..
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