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Dear Smile and Precious Tear

Dear smile & Precious Tears,

                 Totally weird isn't it? Simultaneously experiencing conflicting emotions at once! You call them both enemies of each other. Yet I am writing the same letter to both of you, because as the years go by, you seem to me to be an integral complement to each other, not an enemy!

                    Yes, you will be surprised by me! I may sound like crazy, but when you both come to me together, you will surely understand how much tears are worth joining a happy laugh. I am writing this letter not just on paper, but in the courtyard of my heart. Which will reach from every artery and vein of my body to the heart!

                   smile, I am sure you will never be sad, that I wrote you a letter. You always hide the pain of others in yourself, you increase the length of my lips and give a happiness to my face! And yes, precious tears, where do you meet me every day? Whenever it comes, in a few moments, my self-existence is completely shaken from its roots. At that time I was always beating you. But when you abandon my body, the dew drips from the eyes in the form of drops and then I realize how much you important for my soul! You are the only self companion to lighten the burden of my heart.

     Hey,dear smile you brings small wrinkles on my face. But nobody knows where it hides itself. The essential feature of you(smile) is that if one smiles then the other smiles, too, and one smile creates many smiles together.

                     Sometimes the pain of bereavement, sometimes the rain of memories, sometimes the joy of love, sometimes the heaps of sorrow, sometimes the heartache, the pain of not being able to tell the lips Life has always been an integral part of me! ‌ which I have always feared. How much you teach me yar!!!

  "Just as smile is a pleasing food to the body, so a stream of tears flowing in happiness is an emotional, priceless food that saturates the soul !!"

     And yes tear,sometime you just roll down my face and feels great as it is god's good grace!!we shed you(tear)at separation from dear one,and the same appear at their reunion. If I understand, you(tear) are the best expression by which you leave a great impression on any heart!!

    Happy tears,you have the best wash away the sorrow in an instant are light and cool. Refreshingly sweet can cure any ailment with just a touch. You travel down the cheeks cleansing. Burrowing into any wrong, any misgiving. All the time lifting, uncovering, showing what is left ,beyond what the I can see. you should be treasured because you don't happen often,but you happen when least expected. You carry in a single drop a million gallons of truth.

         Dear Tears, a request and I hope you understand me! Now when you come, put your place first in the tears that come in happiness more than the tears of human suffering! May you become tears of love in the youthful heart. May you become a blessing in the smiling eyes of the old. You become the love of togetherness in the burning eyes waiting.

      "All smile do not reveal happiness,
     All tears do not prove sadness !!!!"

  "Always waiting for both of you"

Constantly waiting for both of you,



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